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Driven to Provide Accessible and Inclusive Healthcare for Patients of All Ages

Drakos Clinical Dynamics, a pioneer in rapid, accessible healthcare innovation, is expanding its services with a second urgent care location in Central New York, scheduled to open in February 2024. This expansion marks a significant milestone for Drakos as it broadens the scope of its urgent care offering to serve both pediatric and adult patients.

Founded as “CineMedics” in 2020, the company created a new system to provide medical care and testing on major movie sets during the pandemic. Prior to the end of the Public Health Emergency on May 11, Drakos turned its attention back home to the Syracuse market, opening the region’s only Pediatric Urgent Care.

The first Drakos location, dedicated to pediatric urgent care, has been addressing the unique healthcare needs of children since opening in May 2022. With the expansion to a second location, Drakos is poised to meet the broader healthcare demands of the community by offering specialized and inclusive care for patients of all ages.

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After Hours Care

After Hours Care when you need it most. When most PCP office visits have been filled and other Urgent Cares are closed, we’re here for you.


In addition, to accepting most insurances, Drakos also offers a Self-Pay option with transparent pricing for all patients.

Comprehensive Care

Drakos offers comprehensive care including onsite xray as well as advanced onsite laboratory testing.